Academic Facilities

  • We have competent and experienced faculty & dynamic leadership.
  • Calligraphy classes for better handwriting
  • Through project work, practicals and group discussions, we make our classrooms the hub of activities.
  • A comprehensive soft skills and personality development programme aims at instilling strong character & responsibility.
  • Emphasis is given to spoken English to develop oratorial skills.


The medium of instruction is the language used by the teacher to teach. Teaching the language, or educational content, through the target language increases the amount of exposure the learner gets to it, and the opportunities they have to communicate in it, and therefore to develop their control of it.


GreenLand Public School awards to the meritorious students and excellence awards will be given to the school on the base of some categories & criteria such as Excellent Academics, Sports, Best Community, Collaboration, Techno Smart Education,etc.